Title Background

YLS Volume 20 (2006)

YLS Volume 20 (2006)


(ISBN 978-2-503-52736-9)



Andrew Cole, Fiona Somerset, and Lawrence Warner, “Foreword”     vii

Maura Nolan, “The Fortunes of Piers Plowman and Its Readers”     1

Shannon Gayk, “‘As Plou3men Han Preued’: The Alliterative Work of a Set of Lollard Sermons”     43

John Thorne, “Updating Piers Plowman Passus 3: An Editorial Agenda in Huntington Library MS Hm 114″     67

Rebecca L. Schoff, “Piers Plowman and Tudor Regulation of the Press”     93

Sarah Tolmie, “Langland, Wittgenstein, and the End of Language”     115

Traugott Lawler, “Harlots’ Holiness: The System of Absolution for Miswinning in the C Version of Piers Plowman”     141

Kathleen E. Kennedy, “Retaining Men (and a Retaining Woman) in Piers Plowman”     191

Judith M. Bennett, “The Curse of the Plowman”     215



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