Title Background

YLS Volume 19 (2005)

YLS Volume 19 (2005)


(ISSN 0890-2917)


Andrew Cole, Fiona Somerset, and Lawrence Warner, “Foreword”     1

Simon Horobin, “The Scribe of Rawlinson 137 and the Copying and Circulation of Piers Plowman”     3

Mary Carruthers, “Allegory Without the Teeth: Reflections on Figural Language in Piers Plowman”     27

Thomas D. Hill, “When God Whistled for Chickens”: Birds and Poverty in Piers Plowman B.15.462-82″     45

Rebecca A. Davis, “Fulfilling Nature: Anima’s Call to Spiritual Charity and the Logic of Conversion in Piers Plowman”     59

Masha Raskolnikov, ” Promising the Female, Delivering the Male: Transformations of Gender in Piers Plowman”     81

Fiona Somerset, “‘Al þe comonys with o voys at onys’: Multilingual Latin and Vernacular Voice in Piers Plowman”     107

John M. Bowers, “Langland’s Piers Plowman in Hm 143: Copy, Commentary, Censorship”     137

Michael Calabrese, “[Piers] the [Plowman]: The Corrections, Interventions, and Erasures of Huntington MS Hm 143 (X)”     169


Reviews of:

Helen Barr and Ann M. Hutchison, eds., Text and Controversy (Christina von Nolcken)     201

C. David Benson, Public “Piers Plowman” (Mishtooni Bose)     207

Ralph Hanna, London Literature, 1300-1380 (Ardis Butterfield)     211

Ralph Hanna and David Lawton, eds., The Siege of Jerusalem (Andrew Galloway)     215

Kathleen Heinrichs, ed., Piers Plowman Electronic Archive, vol. 3: Oxford, Oriel College, MS 79 (O), and Ralph Hanna and Hoyt N. Duggan, eds., Piers Plowman Electronic Archive, vol. 4: Oxford, Bodleian Library, Laud Misc. 581 (L) (Simon Horobin)     222

Kellie Robertson, The Laborer’s Two Bodies (David Aers)     226

Anne M. Scott, “Piers Plowman” and the Poor (Kate Crassons)     236


Kalpen Trivedi, “Annual Bibliography (2004)”     241