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The Barn of Unitee

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Derek Pearsall Research & Travel Fund

The Early Book Society
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Amy Appleford and Nicholas Watson
Candace Barrington
Christopher Baswell
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Douglas Bruster and Elizabeth Scala
Ardis Butterfield
Cristina Maria Cervone
Rita Copeland and David Wallace
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Irina Dumitrescu
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Nicolette Zeeman

Anne Middleton Book Prize Fund

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Sustaining Donors (multi-year pledges)

The Morton W. Bloomfield and Medieval Fund, Harvard University
Amy Appleford and Nicholas Watson
Douglas Bruster and Elizabeth Scala
Whatever the size of your donation, your name will be listed as a contributor to our Barn Unitee unless you prefer to remain anonymous. If you are interested to become a sustaining donor, please contact the director of the society.