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Derek Pearsall Travel & Research Fund

Derek PearsallAbout the Fund

This fund honours Derek Pearsall (1931-2021), a medievalist who delighted in drawing people together and introducing scholars, especially younger ones, into conversations where they were not yet known.

With his wide interests, his breadth of knowledge, his tremendous curiosity, and his love of seeing everything there was to be seen, he was an eager researcher and conference goer.

Following his example, the International Piers Plowman Society has established the Derek Pearsall Travel and Research Fund. This fund will issue awards to provide financial aid to students and scholars traveling to conferences on, or conducting archival research related to, Piers Plowman, its manuscripts, its contexts, and its traditions, particularly the alliterative tradition.

Award Recipients

Emily Youree (2023)

Liam Cruz Kelly (2023)

Bibliography of Derek Pearsall’s scholarship related to Piers Plowman

Compiled by Professor Tony Edwards

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