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YLS Volume 21 (2007)

YLS Volume 21 (2007)


(ISBN 978-2-503-52737-6)

Andrew Cole, Fiona Somerset, and Lawrence Warner, “Foreword”     vii

List of Illustrations     ix

Larry Scanlon, “Personification and Penance”     1

Sarah Wood, “Ecce Rex: Piers Plowman B.19.1-212 and Its Contexts”     31

Amanda Walling, “Friar Flatterer: Glossing and the Hermeneutics of Flattery in Piers Plowman”     57

Thomas D. Hill, “God’s Tower: Piers Plowman B, Prologue 11-16″     77

Nicholas Watson, “Piers Plowman, Pastoral Theology, and Spiritual Perfectionism: Hawkyn’s Cloak and Patience’s Pater Noster”     83

Lawrence Warner, “An Overlooked Piers Plowman Excerpt and the Oral Circulation of Non-Reformist Prophecy, c. 1520-55″     119

R. Carter Hailey, “Robert Crowley and the Editing of Piers Plowman (1550)”     143

Wendy Scase, “Dauy Dycars Dreame and Robert Crowley’s Prints of Piers Plowman”    171



John M. Bowers, Chaucer and Langland: The Antagonistic Tradition (James M. Dean)     199

George Kane, Piers Plowman: Glossary (Samuel A. Overstreet)     204

Madeleine Kasten, In Search of ‘Kynde Knowynge’: ‘Piers Plowman’ and the Origin of Allegory (Stephanie Kamath)     208

Wendy Scase, Literature and Complaint in England 1272-1553 (Matthew Giancarlo)     211

Andrew Cole and Lawrence Warner, “Annual Bibliography (2006)”     217