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YLS Volume 32 (2018)

YLS Volume 32 (2018)

Table of Contents

(ISBN 978-2-503-58119-4)


Commentary     1

Michael Calabrese, “Posthuman Piers?: Rediscovering Langland’s Subjectivities”     3

Spencer Strub, “Learning from Shame”     37

Nicole Clifton, “Anthony Foster of Trotton and London, Lincoln’s Inn MS 150”     77

Erika Smith Harman, “Evasive Maneuvers: Inquisitio and the Lollards”     127

Michael Madrinkian, “Authorship and Error: Reconsidering the B Revision of Piers Plowman”     177



Stephanie Batkie and Eric Weiskott, Introduction     237

Stephanie L. Batkie, “Of Poets and Prologues”     245

Frank Grady, “Chaucer’s Langland’s Boethius”     271

Elizaveta Strakhov, “Political Animals: Form and the Animal Fable in Langland’s Rodent Parliament and Chaucer’s Nun’s Priest’s Tale”     289

Christopher Cannon, “The Ploughman’s Tale”     315

Mimi Ensley, “Framing Chaucer’s Plowman”     333

Lawrence Warner, “Chaucer’s Non-Debt to Langland”     353

Helen Cooper, Response     375



Thomas Farrell, “Unemending Piers Plowman B.18.421″     391



Ian Cornelius, “An Edition of the Archetype of Piers Plowman B”     397



Christopher Cannon, From Literacy to Literature: England, 1300-1400 (Rita Copeland)     423

Ian Cornelius, Reconstructing Alliterative Verse: The Pursuit of a Medieval Meter (Ad Putter)     426

Jason Crawford, Allegory and Enchantment: An Early Modern Poetics (Katie Little)     431

Rebecca Davis, Piers Plowman and the Books of Nature (Jim Knowles)     435

Natanela Elias, The Gnostic Paradigm: Forms of Knowing in English Literature of the Late Middle Ages (Jennifer Sisk)     438

Jennifer Garrison, Challenging Communion: The Eucharist and Middle English Literature (Jessica Hines)     442

Curtis Gruenler, ‘Piers Plowman’ and the Poetics of Enigma (Cristina Cervone)     446

J. Patrick Hornbeck II with Mishtooni Bose and Fiona Somerset, Companion to Lollardy (Derrick Pitard)    450

Mary Kane and Jane Roberts, eds., Kane from Canada (Richard Firth Green)    454

Anne Scott, Experiences of Charity, 1250-1600 (John Sebastian)     458

Eric Weiskott, English Alliterative Verse: Poetic Tradition and Literary History (Stephen Yeager)     462


Alastair Bennett and Sarah Wilson, Annual Bibliography, 2017     467