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YLS Volume 31 (2017)

YLS Volume 31 (2017)

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(ISBN 978-2-503-57877-4)


Commentary     1

Ann Killian, “Menacing Books: The Prick of Conscience and the Rhetoric of Reproof”     5

Denise N. Baker, “Pre-Empting Piers’s Tearing of the Pardon: Langland’s Revisions of the C Visio”     43

John Burrow, “Trajan, the Dreamer, and Recklessness in Piers Plowman”     73

Erica Machulak, “Langland’s Sages: Reading Aristotle and Solomon in their Medieval Context”     87



Mary Raschko and Elizabeth Schirmer, “Introduction: Textual Form and Spiritual Formation”     121

Mary Raschko, “A Humble Guise: The Role of Prologues in the Wycliffite Glossed Gospels”     131

Nicole R. Rice, “Formign Devotion in a Lollard Ave Maria Commentary”     163

Elizabeth Schirmer, “Form and Sign in the Margins: Annotating Oon of Foure”     193

Shannon Gayk, “The Form of Christ’s Passion: Preaching the imitatio passionis in Late Medieval England”     231

Fiona Somerset, “A Mirror to See God in: An Edition of ‘Þe Wordes of Poule”     257



Rosemary O’Neill, “Langland’s Ghost in Teju Cole’s Open City”     287



Michael Johnston and Michael Van Dussen, eds., The Medieval Manuscript Book: Cultural Approaches (Megan L. Cook)     301

Juliet Barker, 1381: The Year of the Peasants’ Revolt (Ian Cornelius)     304

Piers Plowman, the B-Text: The Complete Recording in Middle English (Isabel Davis)     307

David Aers, Beyond Reformation: An Essay on William Langland’s ‘Piers Plowman’ and the End of Constantinian Christianity (Curtis Guenler)     310

Tim William Machan, ed., Imagining Medieval English: Language Structures and Theories, 500-1500 (Mary Kate Hurley)    314

Michael Calabrese, An Introduction to ‘Piers Plowman’ (Adin Lears)     318

Margaret Connolly and Raluca Radulescu, eds., Insular Books: Vernacular Manuscript Miscellanies in Late Medieval Britain (Michael Madrinkian)     321

Ryan McDermott, Tropologies: Ethics and Invention in England, c. 1350-1600 (Paul Megna)     325

Karma Lochrie, Nowhere in the Middle Ages (William Rhodes)     328

Anna Baldwin, An Introduction to Medieval English Literature, 1300-1485 (Courtney Rydel)     331

Helga Maillet, Les Échos Bibliques dans ‘Piers the Plowman’ (Texte C) (Elizaveta Strakhov)     335


Alastair Bennett, Annual Bibliography, 2016