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YLS Volume 16 (2002)

YLS Volume 16 (2002)

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(ISBN 1-58044-077-0)


Lawrence Warner, “The Ur-B Piers Plowman and the Earliest Production of C and B”     3

Thorlac Turville-Petre, “Putting It Right: The Corrections of Huntington Library MS. Hm. 128 and BL Additional MS. 35287”     41

Thomas D. Hill, “Green and Filial Love: Two Notes on the Russell-Kane C Text: C.8.215 And C.17.48”     67

Traugott Lawler, “The Secular Clergy in Piers Plowman“, Míċeál F. Vaughan, “Response”     85

Margaret Kim, “Hunger, Need, and the Politics of Poverty in Piers Plowman”     118

Ralph Hanna, “Two New (?) Lost Piers Manuscripts(?)”     131



Mary Clemente Davlin, O.P., The Place of God in ‘Piers Plowman’ and Medieval Art (Jill Mann)     179

Joseph S. Wittig, Piers Plowman: Concordance (J. A. Burrow)     182

D. Vance Smith, The Book of the Incipit: Beginnings in the Fourteenth Century (Christine Chism)     186


Andrew Cole, “Annual Bibliography, 2005”     191