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YLS Volume 8 (1994)

YLS Volume 8 (1994)

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(ISBN 0-937191-57-4)



George Kane, “Reading Piers Plowman”     1

Jill Mann, “The Power of the Alphabet: A Reassessment of the Relation between the A and the B Versions of Piers Plowman”     21

Robert Adams, “Langland’s Ordinatio: The Visio and the Vita Once More”     51

Anne Hudson, “Piers Plowman and the Peasants’ Revolt: A Problem Revisited”     85

David Aers, “Christ’s Humanity and Piers Plowman: Contexts and Political Implications”     107

D. Vance Smith, “The Labors of Reward: Meed, Mercede, and the Beginning of Salvation”     127

Christopher Dyer, “Piers Plowman and Plowmen: A Historical Perspective”     155



John B. Friedman, “The Friar Portrait in Bodleian Library MS. Douce 104: Contemporary Satire?”     177



J. A. Burrow, Langland’s Fictions (Catherine S. Cox)     187

Francis Dolores Covells, S.C., trans., Piers Plowman: The A-Text: An Alliterative Verse Translation (Kathleen M. Hewett-Smith)     190

Ralph Hanna III, William Langland (Lister M. Matheson)     192

Tadahiro Ikegami, trans., The Vision of Piers Plowman, A Version (Toshiyuki Takamiya)     195

Barbara A. Johnson, Reading Piers Plowman and The Pilgrim’s Progress (D. M. Rosenberg)     196

Ernest N. Kaulbach, Imaginative Prophecy in the B-Text of Piers Plowman (Patrick J. Gallacher)     199

Charlotte Cook Morse, Penelope Reed Doob, and Marjorie Curry Woods, eds., The Uses of Manuscripts in Literary Studies: Essays in Memory of Judson Boyce Allen (Stephanie Trigg)     203

Derek Pearsall, ed., William Langland. Piers Plowman. The C-Text (J. A. A.)     207

Mícéal F. Vaughan, ed., Suche Werkis to Werche: Essays on Piers Plowman in Honor of David C. Fowler (John M. Bowers)     207


Vincent DiMarco, Annual Bibliography for 1993