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YLS Volume 4 (1990)

YLS Volume 4 (1990)

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(ISBN 0-937191-28-0)



Kathleen L. Scott, “The Illustrations of Piers Plowman in Bodleian Library MS. Douce 104″     1

Robert Worth Frank, Jr., “The ‘Hungry Gap,’ Crop Failure, and Famine: The Fourteenth-Century Agricultural Crisis and Piers Plowman”     87

Helen Barr, “The Relationship of Richard the Redeless and Mum and the Sothsegger: Some New Evidence”     105



Alan J. Fletcher, “A Simoniacal Moment in Piers Plowman”     135

J. A. Burrow, “Reason’s Horse”     139

Ralph Hanna III, “Piers Plowman A.5.155: ‘Pyenye'”     145

Kathleen M. Hewett-Smith, “Revisions in the Athlone Editions of the A and B Versions of Piers Plowman”     151



John M. Bowers, George Kane, Chaucer and Langland     155



Mary Clemente Davlin, A Game of Heuene: Word Play and the Meaning of Piers Plowman B (Hugh White)     167

Nicholas Orme, Education and Society in Medieval and Renaissance England (Andrew Galloway)     170

Wendy Scase, Piers Plowman and the New Anticlericalism (David Lawton)     176

Myra Stokes and T. L. Burton, eds., Medieval Literature and Antiquities: Studies in Honour of Basil Cottle (Carol M. Meale)     180

Siegfried Wenzel, ed. and trans., Fasciculus Morum: A Fourteenth-Century Preacher’s Handbook (Alan J. Fletcher)     184


Vincent DiMarco, Annual Bibliography for 1989