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YLS Volume 1 (1987)

YLS Volume 1 (1987)

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(ISBN 0-937191-05-1)



David Lawton, “The Subject of Piers Plowman”     1

Anne Middleton, “The Passion of Seint Averoys [B.13.91]: ‘Deuynyng’ and Divinity in the Banquet Scene”     31

Hoyt N. Duggan, “Notes toward a Theory of Langland’s Meter”     41

Helen Cooper, “Langland’s and Chaucer’s Prologues”     71

James Simpson, “Spirituality and Economics in Passus 1-7 of the B Text”     83



Thomas D. Hill, “Seth the ‘Seeder’ in Piers Plowman C.10.249″     105

Lister M. Matheson, “Piers Plowman B.13.331 (330): Some ‘Shrewed’ Observations”     108

Carter Revard, “Title and Auaunced in Piers Plowman B.11.290″     116

Arthur Sherbo, “Samuel Pegge, Thomas Holt White, and Piers Plowman”     122

R. A. Shoaf, “‘Speche þat spire is of grace’: A Note on Piers Plowman B.9.104″    128



John M. Bowers, The Crisis of Will in Piers Plowman (Robert Adams)     135

G. H. V. Bunt, ed., William of Palerne: An Alliterative Romance (Joanne A. Charbonneau)     140

Lavinia Griffiths, Personification in Piers Plowman (Richard Kenneth Emmerson)     144

Barbara A. Hanawalt, The Ties That Bound: Peasant Families in Medieval England (Elaine Clark)     145

Albert E. Hartung, gen. ed., A Manual of the Writings in Middle English 1050-1500, Volume 7 (Derek Pearsall)     148

Douglas Moffat, ed., The Soul’s Address to the Body (The Worcester Fragments) (E. G. Stanley)     150

John T. Noonan, Jr., Bribes (John A. Yunck)     153

A. C. Spearing, Medieval to Renaissance in English Poetry (David Lawton)     155


Robert Adams, Annual Bibliography for 1985     161

Vincent DiMarco, Annual Bibliography for 1986     174