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YLS Volume 23 (2009)

YLS Volume 23 (2009)


(ISBN: 978-2-503-53090-1)


Barbara Newman, “Redeeming the Time: LanglandJulian, and the Art of Lifelong Revision ”     1

D. Vance Smith, “Negative Langland”     33

Simon Horobin, “Adam Pinkhurst and the Copying of British Library, MS Additional 35287 of the B Version of Piers Plowman”    61

J. A. Burrow“Conscience on Knights, Kings, and Conquerors: Piers Plowman B.19.26-198″     85

Jennifer Garrison, “Failed Signification: Corpus Christi and Corpus Mysticum in Piers Plowman”     97

Michael Johnston, “Robert Thornton and The Siege of Jerusalem”    125

Macklin Smith, “Langland’s Alliterative Line(s)”     163

Nicolay Yakovlev, “Prosodic Restrictions on the Short Dip in Late Middle English Alliterative Verse”     217



Thomas Cable, “Progress in Middle English Alliterative Metrics” (review of Putter, Jefferson, and Stokes, Studies in the Metre of Alliterative Verse, and Yakovlev, “Development of the Alliterative Metre from Old to Middle English”)     243

Stephen A. Barney, “A Revised Edition of the C Text” (review of Pearsall, A New Annotated Edition of the C-Text)     265



Sarah A. Kelen , Langland’s Early Modern Identities (Paul J. Patterson)     289

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Nicolette Zeeman, “Piers Plowman” and the Medieval Discourse of Desire (D. Vance Smith)     302

Bonnie Wheeler, ed., Mindful Spirit in Late Medieval Literature; Essays in Honor of Elizabeth D. Kirk (Nancy Bradley Warren)     308

Samantha Rayner, Images of Kingship in Chaucer and his Ricardian Contemporaries (Rebecca Davis)     310


Annual Bibliography, 2008 (Lawrence Warner)     317