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<i>‘Truthe is the beste’: A Festschrift in Honour of A. V. C. Schmidt</i>

‘Truthe is the beste’: A Festschrift in Honour of A. V. C. Schmidt

This collection of twelve essays celebrates the career of a great scholar renowned above all for his magisterial four-text edition of PPl but also for his many contributions on the interpretation of the poem and on its style and metre. It is intended to reflect the breadth of Schmidt’s medieval interests, including in particular Chaucer and the English contemplatives, but, appropriately, five of the essays, those by J. A. Burrow, Helen Cooper, Mary Clemente Davlin, Vincent Gillespie and Rory Mc Turk, are devoted to specific aspects of PPl. The poem receives additional notice in more general essays by Mary Carruthers on ‘Terror, Horror and the Fear of God’ and by Thorlac Turville-Petre on ‘Proverbs in Middle English Alliterative Poetry’, and the Festschrift is introduced with a personal appreciation by Seamus Perry. The collection appears as part of the ‘Court Cultures of the Middle Ages and Renaissance’ series from the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Trinity College, Dublin.
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