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Piers the Plowman after Forty-Five Years.

Piers the Plowman after Forty-Five Years.

In response to a discussion paper by John M. Bowers [see no. 565], it is argued that Dobet and Dobest, announced in the rubric of A.9, are treated in the remainder of the poem though not in separate passus; that A and C are not textually closer in the composition process; that John But’s reference to “oþer werkes boþe” refers to the division betweeThe A text was that one read by the 1381 rebels, with B and C, which circulated in a much more restricted area, best thought of as commentaries on the original text, whose spirit has been transformed from prophecy into apocalypse.n the two parts of the Visio and between the Visio and the Vita, and not to the B and C texts.


Æstel 2 (1994): 63-76.

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Fowler, David C.