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Imaginatif and the Sensus Commums.

Imaginatif and the Sensus Commums.

Imaginatif provides four examples that refine PPl”s representation of the sensus communis: the rebuke of the Dreamer for failure to grasp the difference between human and animal prudence (B. 11. 418-20) shows the mistake of advocating a “reasonable” determinism in place of a responsible intelligence; the drunk laboriously climbing out of the ditch (B.11.430-32) corroborates the human/animal distinction and keeps us aware of the Dreamer’s imprudent judgment; Christ’s deliverance of the woman taken in adultery shows that just as human prudence depends on the common sense, the providence of Christ takes the form of a skillful physical act (which juxtaposes Christ’s prudence with its perversion in society’s crafts); and the parable of swimming (B.12.161-85a) demonstrates the importance of sense integration to the prudential process and, through metaphoric equation with knowledge, has implications for salvation.


YLS 6 (1992): 51-61.


Gallacher, Patrick J.