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Emendations to a 1993 ‘Vita de Ne’erdowel

Emendations to a 1993 ‘Vita de Ne’erdowel

In light of reviews of this author’s William Langland (Aldershot, Hants., 1993), particularly Lister Matheson’s (YLS 8), in view of new work on L, and as a consequence of his own continued rumination on PPl, the author reconsiders his earlier claims or extends them under these rubrics: The Poet and His Life; Dates of Langland’s Birth and Death; Dating the A Version; Dating the B Version; Dating the C Version; Langland’s Represented Life; Appendix 10: the Readership of PPl; The Sources of the Text; Manuscripts of the A Version; Manuscripts of the B Version; Manuscripts of the C Version; The Printed Editions.


YLS 14 (2000): 185-98.


Hanna, Ralph