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Chaucer’s Scribe.

Chaucer’s Scribe.

This essay identifies one Adam Pinkhurst as the scribe of the Hengwrt and Ellesmere copies of the Canterbury Tales, and probable address of ‘Chaucers Wordes unto Adam, His Owne Scriveyn.’ Pinkhurst’s hand is found in a number of other documents, including the accounts of the Mercers’ Company, and, crucially for readers of this journal, the B-version copy found in Cambridge, Trinity College MS B.15.17 (W), the copy-text for the Kane-Donaldson and Schmidt editions (see Simon Horobin and Linne R. Mooney, ‘A PPl Manuscript by the Hengwrt/Ellesmere Scribe and its Implications for London Standard English’, Studies in the Age of Chaucer, 26 (2004), 65-112; item 20 in ‘Annotated Bibliography, 2004’, YLS, 19 (2005), 252-53).


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