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Chaucer to Spenser: A Critical Reader

Chaucer to Spenser: A Critical Reader

Reprints essays on L. The first essay, “Humanity of Christ: Reflections on Orthodox Late Medieval Representations and The Humanity of Christ: Representations in Wycliffite texts and Piers Plowman,” is a fused version of two chapters by David Aers collected in Aers and Lynn Staley, The Powers of the Holy: Religion, Politics, and Gender in Late Medieval English Culture (University Park: The Pennsylvania State Press, 1996); see YLS 11 (1997): 233, item #1. The fourth essay, by Elizabeth Fowler, “Misogyny and Economic Person in Skelton, Langland, and Chaucer,” originally appeared in Spenser Studies: A Renaissance Poetry Annual 10 (1992): 245-73, see YLS 10 (1996): 223, item #23. The eighth essay is Anne Middleton’s, “William Langland’s “Kynde Name”: Authorial Signature and Social Identity in Late Fourteenth-Century England,” first published in Literary Practice and Social Change in Britain, 1380-1530, ed. Lee Patterson (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1990), 15-82. See YLS 5 (1991): 222, item #38.


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Pearsall, Derek, ed.