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An Annotated Critical Bibliography of Langland

An Annotated Critical Bibliography of Langland

Six hundred and fourteen annotated items, from the time of Skeat to 1988, arranged chronologically under the following general categories: Bibliographical Studies; Editions (of a Whole Text); Discussions of Manuscripts, Text and Editorial Practice; Editions of Portions of the Poem, and of Extracts; Translations; The Authorship Controversy; The Author; His Dialect; Date; Meter; Sources; Literary Relationships; Social and Historical (including Legal) Contexts and Reference; Allegory; Dream Vision and the Role of the Dreamer; Use of Language; Style, Metaphor, Imagery and Word-play; Discussion of the General Significance in the Narrative of Particular Episodes and Passages; General Interpretative Studies; Piers Plowman and the Visual Arts.

Rev. Vincent DiMarco, YLS 5 (1991): 202-06; James Simpson, N&Q ns 38 (1991): 358-59; Anna Baldwin, YES 22 (1992): 265-67.


New York, London: Harvester Wheatsheaf; Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press, 1990.


Pearsall, Derek