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<i>A Fair Field</i> (New York: Page 2014), 2014)

A Fair Field (New York: Page 2014), 2014)

A Fair Field presents a new version of PPl for young readers. The narrative briefly traces Will’s quest for Dowell, and includes his encounters with Holy Church, the two friars, Thought and Wit. This version of PPl is adapted from the B text of the poem; the author has referred to several modern editions, and has also consulted a facsimile of Oxford, Oriel College MS 79. A Fair Field is presented with many ‘wandering’ lines placed on 74 sparsely worded pages, laid-out to preserve elements of the alliterative meter. The storyline has been much condensed and even reorganized, but only as necessary to keep the pace of the tale interesting to a young reader. A Fair Field provides a foreword and an afterword, in which Reason and Piers Plowman appear. The main text comprises a prologue followed by five numbered chapters that total nearly 1,100 words. The book also includes nine illustrations.