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YLS Volume 35 (2021)

YLS Volume 35 (2021)

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Sarah Star, “Will’s Prosthesis”

Danielle Allor, “Propping the Tree of Charity: Allegory and Salvation History in Piers Plowman

Michael Johnston and Lawrence Warner, “‘The pure and perfect book’: Marilynne Robinson, Maureen Duffy, and the Heirs of Piers Plowman ”



Benjamin D. Weber, “Feeding Christ: Hugh of St. Cher and the Tree of Charity in the C Text”

Jill Mann, “A Note on Piers Plowman B.19/C.21/187: ‘kneweliche to paye'”



Michael Van Dussen, Richard Rolle: ‘On Lamentations’: A Critical Edition with Translation and Commentary (Andrew Albin)

Adin Lears, World of Echo: Noise and Knowing in Late Medieval England (Stephanie L. Batkie)

Diane Cady, The Gender of Money in Middle English Literature: Value and Economy in Late Medieval England  (Robert Epstein)

Nicolette Zeeman, The Arts of Disruption: Allegory and ‘Piers Plowman’  (Andrew Galloway)

Justin M. Byron-Davies, Revelation and the Apocalypse in Late Medieval Literature: The Writings of Julian of Norwich and William Langland (Barbara Newman)

Fredric Jameson, Allegory and Ideology (William Rhodes)


Chase Padusniak, Annual Bibliography, 2020